• Complete Physical and Mind-Set recalibration coaching incorporating the methods I’ve used to successfully build and further add to my physicality and mental strength. 

  • Through physical culture I will remind you of what’s necessary.

  • True Self Confidence is built upon acts of overcoming. When you’re able to honour a commitment you’ve made with yourself, you become unshakable and thus your presence and purpose, undeniable.


  • Initial 45-60min Skype consultation, followed up with unlimited daily e-mail support, including Instagram/WhatsApp messaging in order to answer questions, address concerns and provide full support.

  • Weekly 45-60min Skype check-in/accountability call.

  • Goal-specific S&C programming.

  • Individualised MitchellStrength Intermittent-Fasting protocol.

  • Join the MitchellStrength Brotherhood. We endeavour to build and strengthen our bodies for they serve as our vehicles through our lives. However, this is only the beginning. We use the physical to transcend the mundane and thus deepen our awareness of Self while honouring the noble responsibilities and purposeful objectives we set for ourselves. 


*Minimum 3 Month commitment 

Full - Immersion Coaching