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30 Days of Discipline Protocol 


  • Chaotic times demand a disciplined approach. 

  • No access to a gymnasium? Zero equipment? Reframe the current situation and consider it an opportunity for growth while tapping into previously untapped potential. 

  • While the the masses are running around like headless chickens, the Warrior-Monk remains steadfast in his daily duties and iron-clad responsibilities. 

  • 30 Days of calisthenic-based, garage-style workouts. If you happen to own a few kettlebells and/or dumbbells. I will incorporate them.

  • 30 Days of Nutrition based on my Highly Successful IF protocol. The way I Eat. The way Men should Eat.  

  • Daily check-list to keep you on point and accountable; not to me, but to your Higher, Noble Self. 

  • Approved resources list in which includes everything from natural supplementation to reading material.

  • Complacency Kills. Purposeful Action OVERCOMES all obstacles and challenges.

  • 30 Days of Discipline starting from TODAY could profoundly impact upon the remainder of your year. 

  • Make an Impact while other people are making excuses and justifying their own lack. thereof. 


Mitchell Strength 20/20 Protocol

  •  30 day workable framework for building physical vitality, emotional resilience, unbreakable Self - Confidence & unwavering Self - Discipline.

  • Channel your energy towards producing real, lasting change.

  • Confront Fear. Deal with friction. Lean into stress. Live on the fringe.                                         

  • Stop wasting your precious time on bullshit that does not add to your lifeHow to build,  harden and strengthen your body with a handful of proven movements using a progressive, minimalistic approach that incorporates basic fundamentals and training equipment.


  • Not only will this protocol transform your physical body, but it will recalibrate your mental and emotional state. You alone are in control of your body, mind and finances.


  • The #1 reason Men fail to act upon their good ideas, noble intentions, start that business, nurture their creativity, ask the girl out, take a bold risk and pursue an audacious goal is because they fail to get the Hell out of their own way!

  • Become propelled forward by healthy, life-giving obsessions and fuelled by a beautiful, burning desire to bring real, meaningful value into being.

  • Bold and responsible Men are utterly obsessed and deeply rooted within reality and all that which pertains to reality. Namely adventure, exploration, growth and an unwavering commitment to the process; all of which stems from full-immersion in self imposed struggle, dedicated discomfort, purposeful hardship and routine EFFORT in order to transcend the status quo and rise above that which is considered normal and reasonable.

  • This Protocol is for the aspiring modern-day Renaissance Man, the Martial - Psychedelic, the War Buddha, the Warrior - Poet and the Rebel Artist; all of whom are vehemently opposed to and in defiance of domestication.

$50 for both - 30Days & 20/20


Mitchell Strength Online Coaching

Full-Immersion Protocol.

  • Initial 1 hour phone consultation, followed up with unlimited daily e-mail support, including Instagram/WhatsApp messaging in order to answer questions, address concerns and provide full support.

  • Weekly 1 hour phone check-in/accountability call.

  • Access to personalised instructional video tutorials upon request detailing correct exercise form and technique. 

  • Goal-specific programming based upon available equipment and training environment.

  • Includes the Mitchell Strength Road-Warrior Protocol: ideal for individuals with regular travel commitments requiring a low-tech, highly effective solution in order to maintain their momentum while on the road.

  • Individualised Mitchell Strength Intermittent Fasting protocol.



Mitchell Strength #My600RepLife Protocol

  • 1 Month training template of the Original #My600RepLife Protocol. 

  • 1 Month template of the Mitchell Strength IF protocol.